Configuration Commands and

So lets go through each of the configuring variables.

APP_NAME is the name of the app. This is used in templating to make sure that all the pages at least have the same html title

SECRET_KEY is a alpha-numeric string that is used for crypto related things in some parts of the application. Set it as an environment variable or default to our insecure one. This is used in password hashing see app/models/ for more info. YOU SHOULD SET THIS AS A CONFIG VAR IN PRODUCTION!!!!

SQLALCHEMY_COMMIT_ON_TEARDOWN is used to auto-commit any sessions that are open at the end of the 'app context' or basically the current request on the application. But it is best practice to go ahead and commit after any db.session is created

SSL_DISABLE I unfortunately do not know much about ;(. But something realated to https

MAIL_... is used for basic mailing server connectivity throug the SMTP protocol. This is further described in